4 Fashion Trends That Awaits you in 2019 – For the Classy Chics!

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You got to agree on one point – No matter how much you style yourself, you are always on the Search of New Trends. (More or Less!?) So, I thought to do some homework for you guys, and list out the 5 Fashion Trends that are going to Rock in 2019!

4 Fashion Trends That Awaits you in 2019

Gone are the days when people choose Elegance and gave less importance to Comfort.

But now, things have really changed, with trending fashions being so comfortable like never before! So, yeah I did a quick Fashion Trend Forecasting on the New York Fashion Week and even checked what’s the popular celebrities trying out!

With my intense research, I clinched on these four trends that are likely to become popular in 2019:

Bamboo Bags

Yeah, they give an off-duty look yet gives a classic touch to your attire. Though it was an accessory for the market or beach, now you can pair these eco-friendly bags along with any pair of dress. It’s a must-have thing for the year girls.

Snakeskin Prints

Snakeskin Prints

This trend is an old tried-tested thing and liked by many stars of the fashion industry. But we got to see the snakeskin coming and replacing the tiger and leopard prints out! If you don’t want to wear the real skin, you can check out the faux skin or other snakeskin type materials.

Statement Sneakers

Statement Sneakers

Sneakers are comfort and they have now overtaken the styling statements. You can replace those handbags with the statement sneakers and leave a classic, easy-going impression. Depending on the level of your color interest or gaudiness, you can make suitable changes and move on.

Team Tie-Dye

Team Tie-Dye

The next style-statement that will soon hit the stores in 2019, is the Tie-Dye clothing pattern. NYFW had a huge line of tie-dye clothing collections by various designers like R13, Eckhaus Latta who transformed and gave an edge to those retro-classic prints. There are amazing winter collections offered with the same dye pattern.

Which trend did you like the most among all? Do you have any suggestions to make? Write to us in the comments below 🙂

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