4 Fashion Trends That Awaits you in 2019 – For the Classy Chics!

You got to agree on one point – No matter how much you style yourself, you are always on the Search of New Trends. (More or Less!?) So, I thought to do some homework for you guys, and list out the 5 Fashion Trends that are going to Rock in 2019!

4 Fashion Trends That Awaits you in 2019

Gone are the days when people choose Elegance and gave less importance to Comfort.

But now, things have really changed, with trending fashions being so comfortable like never before! So, yeah I did a quick Fashion Trend Forecasting on the New York Fashion Week and even checked what’s the popular celebrities trying out!

With my intense research, I clinched on these four trends that are likely to become popular in 2019:

Bamboo Bags

Yeah, they give an off-duty look yet gives a classic touch to your attire. Though it was an accessory for the market or beach, now you can pair these eco-friendly bags along with any pair of dress. It’s a must-have thing for the year girls.

Snakeskin Prints

Snakeskin Prints

This trend is an old tried-tested thing and liked by many stars of the fashion industry. But we got to see the snakeskin coming and replacing the tiger and leopard prints out! If you don’t want to wear the real skin, you can check out the faux skin or other snakeskin type materials.

Statement Sneakers

Statement Sneakers

Sneakers are comfort and they have now overtaken the styling statements. You can replace those handbags with the statement sneakers and leave a classic, easy-going impression. Depending on the level of your color interest or gaudiness, you can make suitable changes and move on.

Team Tie-Dye

Team Tie-Dye

The next style-statement that will soon hit the stores in 2019, is the Tie-Dye clothing pattern. NYFW had a huge line of tie-dye clothing collections by various designers like R13, Eckhaus Latta who transformed and gave an edge to those retro-classic prints. There are amazing winter collections offered with the same dye pattern.

Which trend did you like the most among all? Do you have any suggestions to make? Write to us in the comments below 🙂

The Stunning Fashion Night of BEAUGRENELLE | Best Memories

Hello friends!

I thought to recollect some of my favorite fashion show moments and share with you all. It’s all about the last weekend when I got the chance to be at the Fashion Week Paris that was organized at the magnificent Beaugrenelle Shopping Mall. This mall is situated in the 15th arrondissement of Paris, that reaches almost the foot area of the Eiffel Tower.

Fashion Night of BEAUGRENELLE

Read on to find the glam details, and the about the main designers who were called in as the guests for the show.

The Stunning Fashion Night of BEAUGRENELLE

To start with, I was already in awe of the BEAUGRENELLE mall, and the way it was made with the ethnic and modern details on it. The Fashion night was all set up for the show, and it was happening in a full swing mode – the Instagram page was one of the closest witnesses to that. Even if you didn’t attend the event, the page admins kept on updating the event news on the official Instagram account.

But one thing that was clear to me was – not all the people get a chance to witness this show and it was lucky of me to get this opportunity. You need to be associated with a similar fashion world to be a part of this.

Many new season arrivals and collections created by many different amazing designers, where kept on display for the public. I had the privilege to check out the preparations going on in the backstage area. The pressure and the tense feeling among all the models; gave me a positive feeling and all of them were busy with setting the hair, makeup, and those final touch-ups.

The beginning of fashion shows started at 3 pm, and the four talented designers of the event included Armine Ohanyan, Edouard Lecouturier, Marie Beltrami, and Carolina Ritzler. The charming designs and the ambiance of the BEAUGRENELLE mall made the whole event truly magical. Mall has a mingling kind of feeling, and you won’t actually feel to leave the place.

All the designer parades were conducted in the atrium of the BEAUGRENELLE, Paris. They also went up and down on the escalators giving us a mannequin feeling. But it looked classic and yet modern.

It was one of my close-to-heart experiences. Kudos to all the designers, and BEAUGRENELLE of course!

6 Best Things to do in Serifos Island | Discovering the Greece

Serifos is a Greek island in the Aegean Sea, which is similar to the Sifnos but Serifos has a more relaxed kind of vibe compared to the other Greek Islands. As you reach the port of Livadi, you could see the beautiful landscape of the island, and the Serifos Town, Chora which is situated on the top of a steep hill.

Serifos Island

Once you get up to the hill, you will come across the ruins of the Venetian Castle. This castle was built in the 13th century as a fortress to keep the people safe from the pirate attacks.

6 Best Things to do in Serifos Island

If you are going to visit Serifos on your next trip, then are certain places that are must-visit ones and probably you shouldn’t miss on. The whitewashed sugar-cube houses remain my favorite, and they look perfect with the backdrop of hills and the lovely landscape.

#1 Serifos Beaches

You will come across many beaches in Serifos, and it is one of the best things to explore. Even though this beach does not match with other developed beaches with all the famous resorts surrounding them – still Serifos Beach remains a must-visit for its serenity.

#2 You shouldn’t miss out on the Chora!

Go, and get lost among the white-washed buildings that ultimately cascades down to a mountainside.

#3 The Mining Caves of Serifos

Did you know that the Serifos Island was once the home for the mining industry? You will still find the mining trails, so go on a hike and explore this historic place.

#4 Take a snap sitting on the Cyclops Throne

While you are strolling through the island, you could visit the Cyclops Cape to get an excellent panoramic view of the Serifos Island. Snap a picture of yours sitting on the Cyclops Throne which is a chair built using large-sized stones.

#5 Have Calm & Relaxing time at the Taverna Beach

Head on to the Quiet and Pleasant Taverna Beach, and enjoy your meal with the magnificent Beach View.

#6 If you are a foodie by heart, then do this.

There are many local Serifian dishes and other food specialties which are famous in Serifos. The island is surrounded by many quality cafes and restaurants. Visit one of them, and enjoy the Serifos delicacies.

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